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Survey 2008

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Edmonton Russian Club is three years old. How would you evaluate its work?

All your friends and relative are welcome to participate in the survey. Your answer can be anonimous, or you can leave your e-mail address to receive the survey results. Anyway, we appreciate your honesty and your answers.

If you have any problems with submitting this survey electronically, please click HERE to print the survey out in .doc format. You can deposit your paper survey forms in the Suggestion Box on the Club's bulletin board in the Russian store European Market & Produce-address:6607-177 Street, Эдмонтон.

How long have you been in Canada?
Your employment
other employment(please, specify):
Your age
What events are you interested in? concerts
dinner and dance
picnics and camping
business networking
Other events (please, specify):
What sport clubs are you interested in? volleyball
Other sport clubs (please, specify):
Are you familiar with the Russian Club's activities? I am a member
attending events occasionally
attending events regularly
helping as a volunteer
reading club's newspaper Canadian-Russian News
heard of this organization
never heard of this Club before
How would you like to participate in the Club's activities? I'd attend the events occasionally
I'd attend the events regularly
I'd become a member
I'd help as a volunteer
I'm not interested in Club's activities
Other (please, specify):
What do you think about the Club's activities? I think Club's work is very successful (please, specify why):
I think Club has a significant influence on the Russian community
Club's activities are of interest to a small group of people
I'm unsatisfied with Club's activities (please, specify why):
What problems, in your opinion, the local Russian organisations face? small size of the community
not enough interest in the community
incompetent management
financial instability
inability to organize interesting events and activities
Other problems(please, specify):
If you would like to receive the results of this survey via e-mail, please fill in your e-mail address:
General comments:

E-mail: russoclub@yahoo.ca