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Russian Masquerade Ball

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Saturday, 3 November 2007, Belmead Community Hall, 9109 - 182 Street

Masquerade program:

  • 6:00 pm Dinner
  • 8:00 pm Play "Shemakhan Magic" based on "A tale of the Golden Rooster" by A.Pushkin, contests, door prize draw, best costume awards.
  • 9:00 Dance

All party guests must wear a mask to obtain entry and are encouraged to wear full costumes.

Tickets: $35. Price of the ticket includes liquor, dinner, entertainment.

No tickets will be sold at the door. Tickets are sold till October 27, Saturday. For tickets and table reservation, please call (780) 240-9282. E-mail: russoclub@yahoo.ca

To see a Photo-report of the last year's Russian Masquerade Ball, please go to the Photogallery.

Silent Auction Items / Предметы, представленные на молчаливом аукционе
as of 01/11/2007


Item / Наименование


Description / Описание

Collection of the Russian fairytales   Издательство "ЭКСМО-Пресс" 1999, 386 страниц, твердый переплет. Сказки народов мира и описания познавательных игр на основе сказок. Красочные иллюстрации на каждой странице.

Collection of the Russian fairytales   А.С.Пушкин "Сказки": Сказка о царе Салтане, Сказка о мертвой царевне и семи богатырях, Сказка о попе и работнике его Балде, Сказка о рыбаке и рыбке, Сказка о золотом петушке. 217 страниц, твердый переплет, красочные иллюстрации. Розничная цена $6.

Юрий Коваль "Пять похищенных монахов", повесть. 140 страниц, твердый переплет. Для младшего школьного возраста.

Olive bowls   Porcelain joined bowls with 4 cocktail forks by MC Moda Concept. Dimentions 8.6 x 4.7 x 2 inches. Retail value $10.

Pair of antique brass candlesticks   Unique brass candlesticks, 18" height, with etched mid-eastern design. Retail value $25 each.

Wine chiller   The Maytag Handy Chiller is a wine cooler with a difference as it doesn't just chill wine but most bottles that are within a litre capacity and drink cans alike. Wine, beer, water, soft drinks are cooled at super fast speed. This patented process is 40 times faster the freezer can cool:Cans cooled in 1 minute, Wine and Bottles in 3.5 minutes, Super Cool bottles in 6 minutes. Maytag handy chiller is easy to use, all you need to do is just add ice, water and plug in, your machine is ready to cool your chosen beverages. Ideal for parties, entertaining or whenever you desire a cold beverage wine at a moments notice. This versatile unit may also be used to warm babies bottles to a safe drinking temperate in two minutes. Retail value $60.

  2 tickets to the Citadel Theater production play   Retail value $40 per ticket.

2-hour Turkey Roasting Kit   2-hour Turkey Roasting Kit includes Bialetti Roaster, oven thermometer, meat thermometer, adjustable roast rack. Book of recipes included. Retail price $30.

Antique brass sandwich sticks and a holder shaped as ancient weapons   Unique gift.

Travel coffee mugs   Brew-2-Go
Travel Mug & Tumbler Combo
  • Double wall stainless steel interior keeps beverages hot or cold
  • Durable stainless steel exterior
  • Easy open slide-lock drinking lid
  • Light and convenient to carry
  • Fits most automotive cup holders
  • 420 ml
Retail price $10

Picture   Cupid Ojala

  Russian Essentials basket   Cupid Ojala


E-mail: russoclub@yahoo.ca